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Building Integrations for the Zoom App Marketplace

Introducing Zoom Marketplace

The Zoom Marketplace allows Zoom users to leverage integrations from third party applications to get the most out of their Zoom cloud service. Users can discover apps and connectors from the Marketplace Discovery page and choose to authorize them for their account. The connectors and apps that will be available include meeting scheduling platforms, recording uploads to third party drives/content management systems, transcriptions and analytics, apps that leverage zoom chat framework etc.

Building for the Zoom App Marketplace

Create a Zoom Marketplace app/connectors to get more out of Zoom! Take advantage of the Zoom developer platform that comes with rich set of REST endpoints and cross platform SDKs and build a new app or connector. A connector will connect zoom services to another platform (examples are creating and managing zoom meetings from Facebook Workplace or Microsoft Teams or simple auto upload zoom recordings/chat transcripts to Kaltura) and vice versa but an app embeds one of the cross platform Zoom SDKs inside and enable a new workflow.

App and Connectors

Note that the term app and connector are used interchangeably in Zoom Marketplace.

What your app can do using the Zoom Marketplace

A Zoom Marketplace App can allow you to:

  • Act on specific events within Zoom via Event Subscriptions
  • Manage an account’s users
  • Access Zoom Account APIs through OAuth
  • Limit your App’s access to information with scopes
  • Publish your App in the Zoom App Marketplace to be authorized by Zoom users


Building Integrations for the Zoom App Marketplace